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Kardios is a third party resource for Concurrent Computer's super-mini computers. It designs and manufactures products for the Concurrent market place. These products include communications, networking, memory expansion, and specialized I/O. High performance, high up-time, Ethernet is the latest addition to our product line.


Kardios integrates the Ethernet controller into the main board. The unit includes an AUI and a 10 Base T interface. It uses all the bus master capabilities of the original ComPlus and supports a reduced number of serial ports.

A network server task includes a full array of TCP/IP protocols. This task, named KNET, handles hundreds of TCP connections, UDP connections, FTP sessions, and Telnet sessions. It interfaces to multiple Ethernet, SLIP, and PPP ports. Low level functions include full ARP and ICMP, for automatic identification of Ethernet address, routers, and the net submask. Protocols include IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, FTP, and Telnet.

ComPlus Ethernet offers a full application programming interface similar to Berkley sockets and WINSOCK. It supports blocking and non-blocking calls from FORTRAN, C, and CAL.

The file transfer (FTP) client and server modules offer traditional command line driven functions and include a full set of security features. When transferring between computers both running ComPlus Ethernet, files inherit the type and dates of the original. It is possible to transfer an entire disk drive with a single command.

The first release of Telnet includes full support for MTM users, connectable from any UNIX, PC, or MAC platform with a TCP/IP stack. Reliance and block mode support will be added in the near future.


ComPlus is a high performance data-communication subsystem, It connects to hundreds of serial ports, handles any mix of protocols, and runs full duplex data rates up to 1.544Mbps per port.

A customizable channel program defines the frame level protocol, implementing asynchronous, byte synchronous, and bit synchronous protocols. A typical channel program of two or three hundred lines of code is quickly developed. ComPlus downloads the channel program on a port-by-port basis from either sysgen specifications or directly from the application program.

ComPlus directly connects to the EDMA bus of the 3200 processor, without a SELCH. It is a bus master, initiating and controlling all DMA transfers of data, with no driver code overhead within OS/32.

By using linked buffer management, ComPlus eliminates all OS/32 driver activity, except for posting completion events. Each  ComPlus board supports a throughput of 2000 records per second.

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